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‏‎Weekly planning, 3D model or cycle planning? specter makes everything possible! With the construction management software, you can manage all aspects of your construction project centrally and in real time for everyone involved.

‏‎Our promise: Easier work and up to 40% time savings thanks to an overview and automation of the construction schedule.‎


Take the future of your construction management into your own hands - with specter.

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    Less work and more time

  • Time saving

    3-4 h

    per site manager, per week

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    Overview of your construction site

Imagine a construction site that still relies on traditional, paper-based processes. Paper plans hanging on walls often lead to confusion and inefficiency.

This is where specter comes into play: All project data and plans are digital and centralized so that you can access them from anywhere.

Features and benefits

Find out how specter can make your construction site more efficient.

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specter = digital assistance for the construction site?

Yes, because specter makes construction management easier for you by simplifying complex processes and leading to tangible results.

Key features of specter include real-time data that supports your decisions, improved communication that ensures smooth processes and efficient document management that provides a better overview.

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In recent years, we have learned one thing above all:

specter from practice for practice

We know how valuable your time on the construction site is. That's why specter is designed to help you master all core construction scheduling functions in just 30 minutes. You get construction management software that is so practical and user-friendly that you can get started right away. But don't just take our word for it - hear what other construction professionals have to say about specter and see the benefits for yourself!

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Getting started with specter is very easy for site managers and foremen. All you need is an internet connection and your data from the planning phase can be set up quickly and easily.
With the intuitive core functions such as the weekly schedule, BIM view and load planner, no extensive training is required. You are ready to go straight away!

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We reduce the organizational effort for our customers on the construction site by up to 40%. As a digital assistant, specter also enables daily visualization of construction progress.

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  • What our customers say about the construction software

    "That you create data once, then use it further and enrich it intelligently - ultimately obtaining a data-fed as-built model that can be handed over to the client. With tools like specter, we are well on the way to bringing BIM to construction sites."

    Nico Schlun - Head of Digitalization & Processes Lambert Schlun GmbH

  • What our customers say about the construction software

    "As a foreman, I rely on specter to keep everything under control around the deadlines. It's as if we all have a clear construction plan in our hands that tells us exactly where to go. Without further coordination or misunderstandings."

    Artur Moos - Foreman at Nesseler bau GmbH

  • What our customers say about the construction software

    "The weekly plan from specter makes it much easier for me to plan the coming days or even three to four weeks in advance. Where am I today, how far will I get with my team and materials and where will we be in two weeks' time - all available at the click of a mouse. Calling up information by clicking on a component is easier for me and for my co-entrepreneurs too."

    Waldemar Becker - Foreman at Nesseler Bau GmbH

  • What our customers say about the construction software

    "With specter, I start my working day with a look at the digital weekly planning. Here I can see where we currently stand and what's coming up in the next few days. This makes organization easier, as I no longer have to print out plans or lists, hang them up in the container and update them every day."

    Waldemar Deines - Site Manager at Implenia AG

  • What our customers say about the construction software

    "Once all the appointments have been entered, we can go straight to the construction site. Everyone knows what they have to do where and when. Even details such as supports in walls that are not immediately visible on the plans can be seen in the 3D plan. It makes work easier on several levels."

    Oliver Mangelsdorf - Foreman with MBN GmbH

  • What our customers say about the construction software

    »Ganz klassisch habe ich das von den Bauleitern gelernt, dass man auf den Grundrissplänen das markiert, was wirklich fertiggestellt wurde. Mit specter haben wir eine gute Lösung, dass das digital passiert und sogar Bauverzögerungen erkennbar werden, bevor sie eintreten. «

    Marius Völker - Bauleiter bei MBN GmbH


Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

  • How quickly can I use specter on the construction site?

    The implementation effort for specter is minimal. You can start viewing your construction projects in our interactive 3D model in just 30 minutes. We avoid lengthy training sessions, so you and your team can get started right away.

  • Is specter also suitable for smaller construction projects?

    Yes, specter is suitable for construction projects of any size, regardless of whether they are smaller projects or large construction sites. The software adapts flexibly to the requirements of your project and supports you effectively in every phase.

  • Can I also use specter on the move?

    Absolutely, specter is fully mobile. This means that you and your team can access important data directly on site and update it in real time, enabling continuous and efficient project monitoring.

  • How does specter help me to control construction costs?

    specter helps you to effectively monitor and control your construction costs. Through accurate planning and real-time monitoring, you can avoid budget overruns and increase the cost efficiency of your project.

  • Does specter shorten the time it takes to complete my projects?

    Yes, with specter you can significantly reduce the duration of your construction projects. The software optimizes your workflows, which leads to faster project completion and minimizes delays.

  • Wie verbessert specter die tägliche Arbeit auf der Baustelle?

    specter verbessert Ihre tägliche Arbeit, indem es Ihnen ermöglicht, Projekte effizienter zu planen und zu verwalten. Mit intuitiven Tools und Echtzeit-Daten können Sie die Ausführung und Koordination der Arbeiten auf der Baustelle optimieren.

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