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We are your assistance system for the construction site and help you keep track of all deadlines. Our promise: Reduced workload and up to 40%-time savings thanks to an overview and automation of the construction schedule.

Zwei Personen schauen den digitalen Bauablaufplan an. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Baustelle im Hochbau.
Zwei Personen schauen sich die Baustelle an und nutzen den digitalen Bauablaufplan. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Bauleiter und Poliere auf der Baustelle zu sehen.

The most beautiful software does not create added value

if it is not utilized on the construction site. That is why we have been focusing on the usage on the construction site team since day 1. Today, site managers and foremen are not only our users, but above all our product developers. The fact that they trust us is primarily due to the following advantages:

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Above all, we have learned one thing in the last few years

there is usually not enough time to get used to a software on the construction site. specter is designed so that you learn to operate all core functions for construction scheduling independently within 30 minutes. But don't listen to us, listen to the experts and see for yourself!

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Polier und Bauleiter lernen die Anwendung der Baustellenmanagementsoftware auf dem Smartphone durch specter Gründer auf der Baustelle.

Convince yourself and try specter now.

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All advantages at a glance

Not your user group? Here you will find again all advantages at a glance. Inform yourself now.

Learn more about the construction software benefits for general contractors and project participants.

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