AI in specter

A revolution in construction management

With the artificial intelligence in Specter, you can take your construction site management to the next level. By automating routine tasks, you save valuable time and resources. Planning has never been so easy!

Your voice, our technology

Voice-controlled construction management and AI-supported 3D model display - discover the new and innovative 'language of the construction site' function of specter, your voice assistant on the construction site.Specter AI: The intelligent voice of your construction site

⇲ Intuitive voice control: Our construction site AI turns your verbal instructions into effective actions.

⇲ Specifically for site managers and foremen: Tailor-made for the challenges and needs of modern construction sites

⇲ Experience meets innovation: Developed from extensive industry knowledge and direct user feedback.

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Powerful features of the construction site AI

  • Overview by voice command

    Ask "specter, show me the status" to immediately receive a detailed 3D model of your construction site.

  • Planning made easy

    Create work plans quickly and error-free by giving instructions such as "Select all walls on the second floor of house 3".

  • Simple 3D model navigation

    Change views and manage model parts seamlessly using voice commands.

  • Always one step ahead

    We are continuously developing new construction site AI functions to revolutionize construction management.

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Powerful features of the construction site AI

experience specter AI
  • Planned tasks


    planned tasks in specter

  • Time saving

    40 %

    Time savings for construction site teams

  • Software


    Construction software from the field for the field

We reduce the organizational effort for our customers on the construction site by up to 40%. In addition, our digital assistant enables daily visualization of construction progress. The constant comparison of target and actual statuses serves as an effective early warning system to identify potential delays at an early stage and act accordingly.

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Discover directly through the experiences of our customers how our construction site management software simplifies construction projects and makes them more efficient.

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