6. February 2024

AI in specter: specter automation presents revolutionary AI technology for the construction industry

Revolutionary AI technology from specter for efficient construction management: Discover the voice of the construction site

Imagine a typical working day for site managers and foremen: Reviewing status reports, coordinating on site, endless paper-based communication. These mundane, repetitive tasks can not only be time-consuming, but also a barrier to effective collaboration and productivity. This is where specter AI comes in - with a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way we manage construction projects. We are pleased to introduce you to "The Voice of the Construction Site", your new intelligent assistant on the specter platform.

The role of AI in the construction industry

The construction industry is known for its complexity and the challenges of coordinating numerous tasks. AI technologies, such as those used by specter, offer immeasurable added value here. By using specter AI, huge amounts of data can be efficiently analyzed, construction processes optimized and decisions made in real time. The result is a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in time and costs.

The new specter AI revolutionizes construction planning and management by automating routine tasks and making them more intuitive. With simple voice commands such as "specter, show me the status", site managers receive a direct overview of the current status of the construction site in the 3D model. This allows construction sites to be planned within seconds, saving valuable time and avoiding errors.

The introduction of specter AI is just the beginning of the ongoing development of new AI functions that will fundamentally change construction project management. These innovations are about to be launched and we look forward to providing an insight into the technologies of the future that will take productivity and efficiency on construction sites to a new level.

The innovation from specter: "The voice of the construction site" - A comprehensive overview

In the dynamic world of construction management, specter is launching a ground-breaking innovation: "The voice of the construction site".

Since its foundation in May 2021, specter automation has always focused on the users on the construction site. Originally coming from the field of autonomous driving, the company has gained profound insights into the construction site ecosystem. Through countless days on construction sites, workshops, phone calls and surveys, specter automation has further developed the idea of creating a horizontal integration platform that drives digitalization on construction sites.

Oliver Eischet, Managing Director of specter automation, explains: "Central communication on the construction site takes place via verbal language. Our aim is therefore to pick up users in their familiar environment and enable them to operate the software to control their work processes in this way." This resulted in specter AI, which is specially tailored to the needs of the construction site and opens a new chapter in the category of construction site management software.

This AI-based technology revolutionizes daily work on construction sites with a range of advanced features:

  • Intuitive command input: Enables site managers and teams to manage tasks and access data, whether through text input or voice commands. This flexibility increases efficiency and saves valuable time.

  • Real-time data access: AI provides instant updates on project status and enables quick decisions and adjustments.

  • Control of the 3D model: Users can navigate through the detailed 3D model of the construction site using both text and voice commands, enabling visually intuitive planning and error analysis.

  • Automated task coordination: AI assists in the distribution and monitoring of tasks, which significantly improves coordination on the construction site.

  • Customizable user interface: The software is designed so that it can be adapted to the specific needs of each project and each team. It is easy and intuitive to use.

Practical examples: The AI of specter in action

These features not only make construction management more efficient and responsive, but also more accessible to all stakeholders, regardless of their technical background.

Show me all the walls and windows on the third and fourth floors.

Show me all the ceilings on the first floor

Show me all the ceilings and walls on the first floor

Show me all the ceilings and walls on the first and second floors

Select all the walls on the third floor

Select all walls on the second and third floor

Select all objects on the second and third floors that are not walls or ceilings

Select all objects on the second and third floor that are not of the type "wall" or "floor slab"

Color the objects according to building and object class

Colorize the objects according to the "Task status" parameter

Colorize building objects depended on the attribute Status

specter's AI technology opens up new dimensions in construction management by enabling flexible and intuitive command input, whether by text or voice. This advanced solution simplifies complex processes, improves communication on site and significantly increases the efficiency of construction projects. With specter's innovative features, site managers and teams can meet the challenges of the modern construction industry while ensuring their projects are completed smoothly, on time and on budget. Specter is at the forefront of digital transformation in the construction industry and marks an important step towards a smarter, more efficient and future-oriented construction industry.

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