here is an excerpt of projects that have been realized with specter or are currently under construction.

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a case study with Implenia

"Now I have a clear view out of my window, no plans or lists stuck here and all the necessary information digitally and clearly at a glance"

- Site manager Waldemar Deines, Implenia.

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Nesseler case study

Together with Nesseler, we have developed a detailed case study that shows how our software can simplify everyday life on the construction site. Find out here how the project with specter went.

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Further Projects:

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The New Garden Field

The "Das neue Gartenfeld" construction project at Gartenfelder Strasse 14-28 in Berlin-Spandau comprises 15,629 square meters of gross floor area, divided into four buildings with a total of 175 apartments. The client is OIB/Gewobag Projekt Gartenfeld Entwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG, and the planning was carried out by Balzke Palinske GmbH. The project includes the turnkey construction of the buildings.

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Forum Donaustadt

The "Forum Donaustadt" in Vienna, developed by Signa Holding and ARE, comprises six buildings with a gross floor area of 105,000 square meters on a 15,000 square meter site. It includes offices, hotels and apartments, including the 145-metre-high "Forum Tower" and the 100-metre-high "Forum Home" residential tower. Construction is scheduled to start in 2017, with development costs of around 260 million euros.

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The construction project at Georg-Glock-Straße 14 in Düsseldorf comprises the renovation of a twelve-storey high-rise building including a skygarden and two-storey underground parking garage as well as a three-storey low-rise building with an inner courtyard and forecourt. The standard storeys of the office and commercial building can be used flexibly.

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Prologis Park Grolsheim

The Prologis Park Grolsheim DC2 comprises a logistics hall with 24,000 square meters, divided into two units. The hall has a height of 12.20 meters and is equipped with 25 dock levellers and two ground-level entrances

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Alprima Hochficht

The "Alprima Hochficht" construction project comprises the construction of a hotel complex with four buildings and a total of 75 apartments on a plot of land in the Böhmerwald golf park. It includes a reception, waste disposal area, wellness area, gym, multifunctional room, swimming pond and parking spaces for 341 guests.

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Triple sports hall

The construction project in Sissach envisages the construction of a new triple sports hall for the village elementary school. The sports hall will be partially sunk into the ground in order to better integrate it into the historical surroundings.

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The Mohneheimer Wohnen project, realized by Nesseler Bau, comprises 233 apartments in 18 apartment buildings over 5 floors. Construction started in March 2020 and was completed in December 2021.

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Stuttgart W15

W15, an administration building in timber hybrid construction, is being built in Stuttgart. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2023, with completion planned for June 2024. This building project represents sustainable architecture through the use of wood in combination with other building materials.

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The new prosecture building at Cologne University Hospital, which was started at the beginning of 2022 and is planned for the end of 2024, will replace a building from the 1960s. It offers state-of-the-art technology on five levels, including two dissection rooms and a histology room. The project, financed by North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government, will cost around 76 million euros and is being built by VAMED in a joint venture with our partner Nesseler.

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WA19 Lichtenreuth

The shell construction for 250 apartments, which started on a 15,000 square meter site at the beginning of 2023, is scheduled for completion in January 2024. Special sound decoupling mats are used to minimize subway vibrations.

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Kobe Former Foreign Settlement

The Kobe Former Foreign Settlement project by Kajima Osaka comprises a 13-storey building with a total area of 7,771 square meters. Construction is scheduled to start in June 2023 and completion is planned for April 2025.

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Leinzell residential park on the Lein

Eight buildings with a total of 50 apartments and an underground garage with 57 parking spaces are being built in the Wohnpark an der Lein in Leinzell. Construction is scheduled to start in March 2023 and the project should be completed by the end of 2024.

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Stuttgart House of Tourism

The House of Tourism in Stuttgart is being built in the former Breitling department store building. This center is designed for both citizens and guests and is to become a central point of contact for tourism information and services.

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Weilerbach Cup2

The largest US hospital outside the United States, with a construction volume of 859 million euros, extends over 90,000 square meters. It has 9 operating theaters and 120 examination rooms. Construction began in early 2022 and completion is scheduled for the end of 2027.

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Sechtemer Block

The Sechtemer Block covers 4,200 square meters and offers 210 residential units and apartments. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023, with completion planned for the end of 2025.

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Dreikönigsgymnasium Cologne

Work on the Dreikönigsgymnasium in Cologne began at the end of 2021 and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2024.

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